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Better than this

??If we weren't better than this, this wouldn't bother so many people.??
— NeoWayland

Two and only two alternatives

??When someone starts offering two and only two alternatives, that's the cue to look for the fourth, fifth, and sixth choices.??

“I have two”

I have two guns in my household for self-defense, just so you know.
— Alyssa Milano


Americans are pretty easy-going. But push them too far, and they will remind their would-be “betters” that they are citizens, not subjects. That’s who “we” are.
— Chuck de Caro, What Do You Mean, ‘We’?


NeoNote — A different myth

??Strictly speaking, what makes you think the apple was unintended in that myth?

Think about that very carefully for a moment.

Although never explicitly stated, the implication is that nothing could happen in that garden without the approval of it's Creator. That includes the existence of the tree, the existence of the fruit, the existence of the "serpent," and the curiosity of Eve.

So the "Creator" didn't know the possibilities and what would happen, wasn't the real "Creator" (as some Gnostics believed), or the garden was never supposed to be anything except a transitory state.

This last is the commonly accepted alternative. Eden is a metaphor for childhood, something that must be put aside if the person and the culture is to survive. It's not about the "Fall," it's about adaptation and outgrowing what was once enough.??
NeoNotes are the selected comments that I made on other boards, in email, or in response to articles where I could not respond directly.


Political orientation

??Political orientation isn't the problem. Politics is.??
— NeoWayland

NeoNote — The urge to meddle

??Within our borders, absolutely we should have Truth, Justice, and the American way.

Outside, no. We should be an inspiration, not a hegemony.??
— NeoWayland


??Measure a man in the lives he touched.??
— NeoWayland

NeoNote — Not right or left

??Rather than citing examples of "rightness" being a mental illness, I think I will just cite the old idiom Moderation in all things.

I will say that from my perspective it's not "right" or "left" that is wrong per se, but the desire to control others while avoiding the consequences of your own actions. The reasons and the justifications change, not the actions.

Just where do you think the "left" learne